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BZB Interview: Hamad Wil Bears it all in an Exclusive Interview with Us

In an exclusive interview with Hamad Wil today, he got to share with us his defining moment, his life as an artist and why he left music.

Read full interview below;

What are your real names? “Hammed Babatunde William Mansa (am a grandson of the most richest man on earth Mansa Musa, you are the first knowing this).”

What is your brand name/nickname? “My brand name is Hamad Wil Productions which am a creative director and my nickname is WiL.”

Nationality? Am a Nigerian.

State of Origin/Town? “From oyo state to be precise.”

Where are you based? “I’m based in Lagos state.”

Date of Birth (day/month)? “Was born on the 18th of March 1995.”

Status? Single

Hobbies/likes? “hobbies listening to music and being alone and eating fruits”.

Turnoffs/Dislikes? “Turnoffs – ladies with a sagging breast 🤓🤓 (kidding) my dislikes 🤔 i hate lies, not taking no as an answer, crowd, smoking and not being able to express myself.”

Professional/Career? “Professional carrier I’m a Director Cinematographer”

What’s your best food? “best food is boiled plantain with efo riro.”

What’s your best color? “white and black.”

What inspires you? “I get inspired by things around me and when am in the bathroom.”

What moment defined you? “7 years ago i was a maruwa mechanic around the area of Oriole Iganmu, though I have loved taking pictures from a tender age, there was a moment during fashola time, the government demolished my place of work, things became tough then, this moment no other option, the only thing i can think of then is Photography, one sunday i borrowed a friend mini camera and go for a wedding around the hood then to take pictures and send to the peoples phone, to my biggest surprise they all love it, that was the defining moment for me when i see people look at their pictures and smile, then i said okay i think this is gonna get real and slowly it became real.”

How did you startup in your line of profession? “I started as a camera boy, I was learning from someone then before I was opportune dot meet Mr. C then I talked to him.
Then I went for a video shoot Seriki featuring Vector, seriki invited me to come over, so I went there.
When I went for the video shoot that was where I got to meet Mr. C so I discussed with him my passion of being a film maker, so he allowed me and he said ok.
Then I started following him to set as a camera boy… I was doing that for like a year, then he gave me freedom to take cameras to shoot stuffs by myself so that period I started doing rap cypher for my artist friends, then I start talking to people for free video shoot and then I got to meet Ice Prince which I became his official videographer and I started following him to shows, set and record behind the scenes and cover is performance video and that’s how is all started, people started knowing the name.”

We know you to be an amazing Director Cinematographer. What are your type of videos so far? “My type of videos are adverts, music videos, commercials and films.”

How do you handle down moments since you started your career? “how i handle down moments, anytime I feel down is when i brace up and push more on my craft, and i never stop believing in myself and never stop smiling, no matter what, i always keep that smiling face and eat fruits 😉.”

Who or what made you go into music? “As at then when i was doing the mechanic job i was at the same time a failed rapper 🤓 music has always been part of me since i was young.”

This is my first single artwork as a artist then ( don’t laugh) 🤣🤣”

What made you leave the music scene as an artist? “then I was so popular in my hood, I was a promising act then but there was no sponsor to promote my career then… While I was working as a mechanic, I was still doing music. So whatever money I was making from work I will use it to further my musical career.
When Fashola demolished where I work, there was no way for me to continue pushing my music & the Nigerian music industry required money and connections which I didn’t have. So I had to quit music.”

“Before I forget, I was signed to a record label at one time… they were always keeping me indoors and nothing was happening. The record label owner was a hustler he thought the music was something he can do, when he found out it wasn’t something he could do, he dropped us.”

Who or what made you go into cinematography? “After I started working with Mr. C he’s a video director. Then I realized that the only thing I could really do is videography/cinematography which was what Mr. C does. So I found interest in that more than photography so I had to just switch.”

“When I told my mom back then I wanted to learn cinematography she wasn’t in support of it, I remember vividly well back then one night when my mom woke up and saw my mom crying because I told her I wanted to learn cinematography she said I should go and look for a mechanic company to work with.
So few days after I lied to her that I have found a company to work with that they gave me a house in Ikeja, meanwhile I was sleeping in Mr. C studio. I wake up very early like 4am to clear up the whole place so that other staffs don’t know someone was sleeping there. I did that for a long time.”

“I always send my mom like 5,000 every month to cover up my lie to her. There was a day my mom called me on the phone and asked what work I do, I lied then she told me you dare lie to me… Apparently she saw my name as the director of a food show on TV, so I had to come clean. Then she said since that’s what I really want to do, she was going to support me hence forth. So she prayed for me and has been supporting my dream ever since.”

How many celebrities have you worked with so far? Can you list some of them? “celeb have worked with hmm i can’t remember all but i can list few for now, have worked with Akon, Davido, Ice Prince, Skales, Mayorkun, Yemi alade, dj Neptune, toke makinwa, seyi shay and more. And have worked with brands like Budweiser, Nivea, Redbull, Lancôme Paris and molfix.”

As a young, handsome and talented man, how do you handle pressures from male colleagues, opposite sex, your fans and your clients? “How i handle pressures – I don’t really get pressure-from colleagues, if am getting too many pressure on set, I’ll just leave the scene, walk away somewhere and calm myself, from opposite sex, I don’t have a girl friend so i don’t get that kind of pressure and for client I’ll just drink water and go to sleep.”

Any current/future projects? “current project, I have a project with Tacha and ice prince and for future project i have a project coming for a Los Angeles brand and couple of music videos.”

What’s your advice for the upcoming ones in your field of profession? “Advice for upcoming ones is to be focus and not be distracted with the industry sweet things, be hardworking and try to meet people everyday.”

Your last words to family/fiends/fans? “Last word – thanks for supporting my brand and never stop believing in yourself too.”

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