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Peruzzi allegedly assaults Social Media Influencer Pamilerin over a Tweet

Social media is currently ranging with anger over an allegedly issue of, DMW artiste Peruzzi who was said to have slapped a social media influencer Pamilerin Adegoke over the weekend at an event in Bayelsa State over a 6 months old tweet.

The gist went viral based on an Instagram user who shared a video and photo of the incident. The incident was said to have been because of a tweet Pamilerin had posted sometime in January 2019. (SEE VIDEO & PICTURES BELOW)

The Instagram user wrote this below, after sharing the video and picture of the incident.

Today I saw the worst form of human Stupidity and yes I said Stupidity because there isn’t any way to describe the events of today
@peruzzi_vibes Assaulted @thepamilerin in the worst manner. His bouncers held @thepamilerinwhile he slapped him for something as stupid as a tweet he posted in January 😳😳😳😳😳
Like guys, where did we loose our way? Who gave an artist the right to assault a fellow individual over an opinion that was aired? You call yourself a leader to the younger generation and is this what you preach? And Using threatening words like “i’ll kill you”…..”I’ll destroy you”
I am really pained by this act. What happened to conversations? And peaceful resolve? If we all went around slapping, assaulting and beating up individuals that say/write things about us, won’t we be a country of Barbarians?????????? It’s at points like this the saying ‘THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD’
I call on every media outlet to say no to violence, Celebrity Status doesn’t Give you a GOD COMPLEX!
He deserves to be called to order and made to face the arm of the law. A crime is a crime and no one is above the law


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