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#Bzingers FASHION: #HEINEKENLFDW2016 Day 2 Runway Recap: Kiki Kamanu

Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week day 2 has come to a close and here’s your BZB Fashion & Lifestyle Runway Recap.
Kiki Kamanu‘s collection was a clearly inspired by pop culture and American politics, reflective of today’s times.  Chioma “Chigul” Omeruah was also a model for this collection.
heineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7451_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7467_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7486_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7501_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7516_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7536_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7546_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7565_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7579_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7600_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7627_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7643_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7653_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7662_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7675_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7692_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7705_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7722_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7731_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7747_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7765_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7780_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7798_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7812_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7827_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7846_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 kiki kamanu_IMG_7873_bellanaija
Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)


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