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#Bzingers UPDATES: Toke Makinwa Covers Fame Extra Magazine: Talks About Her Rebirth | @tokstarr

Toke Makinwa is the cover star for the debut issue of Fame Extra Magazine.
The media personality’s editorial spread is tagged “The Rebirth” as she talks about everything from dating again, to misconceptions about marriage, the upsides to being single and more. She also talks about fashion, her body and so much more.
See excerpts below from the interview with Latasha Ngwube:
On her skin secrets: I have none. I never go to bed with makeup on, I am a product junkie, you should see me at the cosmetic brand, I try so many things till I find what works and I try to exfoliate a lot too.
On how much her beauty looks cost monthly: I can’t tell you otherwise I’d have to kill you but I feel really blessed and fortunate enough to have met some amazing people who took a chance with my brand from day 1. It goes beyond achequelationship and I try to tell a lot of upcoming people in this business; you’ve got to climb the tree not from the top but from the bottom. Find people with similar goals who want nothing more than to succeed and form a partnership where everyone grows together and it’s beneficial. That way we would all work when no money is coming in and then work some more when we are all MADE. Everyone on my team is now on a retainer and we started from the bottom. Let’s just say God heard our cry and has blessed us and is still blessing us.
On fashion don’ts: Oh there are so many but what irks me the most must be the wearing everything in trend. Not everything in trend fits your body frame. I love to keep up with fashion and of course everyone loves to be on top of their game and we like to have an idea of which direction the world is going but there are somethings that are in and might not necessary be for me.
On plastic surgery: Hmm… I am not against it, I feel like it’s a comfort thing, I have seen people struggle with those things that they are insecure about and once they get something done, they become different people. They are more confident, and if it rocks their boats, why not? I never judge another’s decision as I haven’t walked a quarter of a mile in their shoes so whatever makes you happy, whatever helps you sleep well at night…. Knock yourself out.
On the most absurd thing she’s read: That I had a child I was hiding. It was so silly but yeah, that was funny.
On misconceptions about marriage: People are not honest enough! You are told to keep quiet about everything like showing a sign of ‘all is not well’ automatically means you have a bad marriage. The thing is, everyone struggles, no situation is perfect and if people walked around with a little bit of honesty about their situation, a lot of marriages might survive. Religion is also a very big problem, God is involved in Marriage and he has also blessed us with the capacity to think and make decisions for ourselves so people need to be less religious and more aware of His love. There will be way less judgement. So much goes on in a home and you are told to keep mute, keep taking, pray till your knees get dark from kneeling (which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong), but a lot of people lose who they are trying to keep with all of these mandates that doesn’t always work. I am not saying you should go around telling everyone your business but I feel if we had more people open up about their struggles and a society that is less judgmental, people will begin to appreciate the beauty of seeing two people work at staying together and realising the sheer amount of work required on both sides.

For more head over to www.fameextramagazine.com
Photography:  Aham Ibeleme
Art direction/Styling:  Ifan Ifeanyi Michael
Makeup: Anita “Brows” Adetoye
Hair: Fabulous Hair
Outfit: Moashy Studios
Control Hat: Ifeanyi Nwune
Neckpiece: Nichole by Haguanna
Styling Assistant: Osegbo Michael
Interview: Latasha Ngwube


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