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#Bzingers UPDATES: Our Government Has Failed Us

I sit here in my friends dining room with his laptop to vent my frustration about this country, Nigeria. I have written a lot of articles but people seem not to take me very serious and think i am a joker, right now I think i’m going to have to speak up!

Today started slowly, i had woken up at about 6 am to prepare for church service, i felt despite all we are going through in this country there is still a reason to praise God, yes there is, at least we are alive and the popular saying goes “when there is life, there is HOPE”, yes, and, we also need to be very prayerful, especially for ourselves so that we will be able to do the things we need to do. The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU and we are here in Nigeria crying and wailing about it (some of us though) and looking at the effects Brexit will have on the Nigerian economy, i think we should rather look at the ways we can maximize whatever effects (or ripple effects) to the benefit of our economy. So far I’ve only seen articles that has to do with the effects and not ‘how to’ use whatever opportunity the brexit will place before us, at least the British colonized us.

That’s not the aim of this little piece i’m writing, my focus is on the HOPE Nigerians have or should i say ‘failing hopes’. IS THERE REALLY HOPE FOR NIGERIA? This and many more questions raced my mind as i sat in church and was listening to testimonies, I must confess i was a little carried away in my thoughts of making a difference in this country. My thoughts were interrupted by the noise that came from witin the church and i wondered why (i had not heard what the last testimony was about) then a friend tapped me from behind and whispered to me “IMAGINE, TRAVELLING OUT OF NIGERIA IS NOW AN ACHIEVEMENT, OUR GOVERNMENT HAVE FAILED US” he added that its not like if he also had the opportunity he wouldn’t take it, according to him Nigeria has failed!

How can travelling out of Nigeria be an achievement? When people are busy building cars, planes, oh don’t let me go that far, people here in Nigeria are making giant strides and nobody is even flinching but at the sound of “he has traveled out” even a lame man will jump up.

OUR GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED US! Yes i agree fully, they have failed us thus far and we can only cling on to HOPE, what hope if i may ask? Hope of travelling out of Nigeria or hope that our leaders will rise up to their duties and forget about the millions they will be sharing at the senate chambers or at Aso Rock (as the case may be) or the cars they will be sharing. Our leaders need to sacrifice for this country and their unborn generation, i mean, remind me again what leadership is about.

They need tp forget about their cars and focus on our roads

They need to forget about travelling out for treatment and give u as good health sector

They need to forget about their pockets and care more for the well being of every Nigerian

They need to forget about having an automated generating plant and focus on Power Supply

Their Havard degree counts for nothing if after they leave office our youths need to travel out for education.

Their common sense counts for nothing if graduates still roam the sreets in search of ‘unavailable jobs’ (If jobs are available its a different case).

This country has been described as ‘fantastically corrupt’ by the former British Prime Minister, but we need to change that picture, and we need to do it as fast as possible. Is Buhari the one to take us to the promise land or is he just going to set us on the right path and then let another do the job? Whichever the situation it has to be VERY FAST!


Adebusoye Ademola

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