Leading beverage giant, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited today, launched 5Alive Pulpy Orange, the first-of-its-kind in the fruit drinks Nigerian market.

Thirsty for a fruit drink with the goodness of perfectly ripe fresh oranges? Then you are ready for 5Alive Pulpy Orange, the new entrant in the Nigerian fruit drink market.

5Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink comes with no added preservatives, and it joins the 5Alive beverage family heritage of quality, which comprises Orange, Berry Blast, Apple, Cocopine, Citrus Burst and Pineapple Punch. 5Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink gives the delicious taste of freshly squeezed orange.

5Alive brand is a leading fruit drink, and the latest addition, 5Alive Pulpy is a highly-refreshing drink with no fizz in a distinctively shaped 40cl PET bottle with a top, simulating a real orange sac and it comes with no added preservatives.

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After today’s launch of 5Alive Pulpy Fruit Drink, consumers can find the fruit drink for sale in all retail outlets across the country. 5Alive Pulpy would also be available for sale in any Coca-Cola retail store across the country.